Health & Travel

Health Insurance

With more and more cutbacks to our nation's health care system, many Canadians are surprised to find out, sometimes too late, their Government Health Insurance Plan does not cover any day-today health expenses. Health insurance bridges the gaps in your provincial health plan. The insurance plan cover medical expenses, such as dental work, prescription drugs, eyeglasses, private and semi-private hospital accommodation and many other costs, depends on which plan you had choosen.

Revenue Canada now allows people who purchased health insurance to deduct thier premiums from their income - apotentially tremendous tax saving. So, health insurance can both save your money from the unexpected health crisis and the tax deduction

Travel Insurance

Sickness or accidental injury can happen at any time. Charges for hospital stays can be thousands of dollars per day, not including doctors' fees and diagnostic services. This easily adds up to a devastating financial loss. Other mishaps like replcing lost or stolen baggage, or buying a one-way ticket because of a missed return date, can ruin your holiday. So, we offer several types of travel insurance to meet you need:

Travelling Canadians

Provincial health care programs do not provide adequate coverage to travelling Canadians in case of severe illness or injury. Canadians also face incidental transportation and out-of-pocket costs, return of vehicle and repatriation expenses, and hospital charges. Replacing lost or stolen baggage, or buying a one-way ticket because of a missed return date, can ruin your holiday. With the travel insurance, depends on which plans you have choosen, the plan will be included benefits such as hospitalization and medical benefits, out-of-pocket allowance, family transportation, return of family member, return of vehicle or watercraft, return of deceased, accidental dental, dental emergencies, air ambulance, escort of insured children, accidental death & disablement, baggage, air flight accident, trip interruption, rental car collision damage protection, etc.

Visitors to Canada

Health care costs in Canada are very expensive. The average hospital cost can be as high as $6,000 per day. Many Canadian hospitals charge a service fee to persons not covered under a Provincial Health Care program. Without emergency hospital and medical insurance, you and your family could be responsible for these high cost - which can create a severe financial burden. With the travel insurance, the insurance company will pay for any reasonable, necessary and customary expenses, up to the Sum Insured you purchase, incurred while on a stay in Canada on or after the effective date and during the period of coverage. Eligible expenses are paid for acute emergency hospital, unexpected emergency medical, or other covered expenses, due to injury or sickness.

Temporary resident or recent landed immigrant

Most provinces do not provide health care benefits to non-residents, temporary residents (such as people who study or work in Canada with Student visa or working permit), returning Canadians or recent landed immigrants. When residing in Canada you need proper health insurance coverage. Hospital room rates for non-residents and local land ambulance transportation charges can be very expensive.



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